He made a remarkably quick recovery in an effort to ensure his broken ankle didn't put Star Wars: Episode VII on a delay, but Harrison Ford's latest actions seem to prove that no injury can keep the actor from seeking out thrills and adventure.

Harrison Ford Nearly Passed On 'Expendables 3' For 'Indiana Jones 5?'

TMZ caught the 72-year-old actor, who was only spotted walking without crutched for the first time since breaking his ankle in June just weeks ago, racing down a slide that could have proven dangerous in Jackson Hole, Wyoming over the weekend.

The Alpine Slide, which is a 2,500 foot plunge and can send riders reaching speeds of 30 miles per hour, is one Ford has reportedly gone one several times before with his grandkids, though this time he took the plunge alone, but managed to not sustain any further injuries.

'Indiana Jones' Franchise Will Go The Same Way As 'James Bond?"

His decision to make a risky move just days before he's rumored to be returning to the Star Wars set could be a good sign for fans of the actor, who are hoping he will return for a rumored Indiana Jones 5 movie, as rumors have been rampant for months that the actor would be replaced by Disney in favor of someone younger-with the whole franchise being rebooted.

However, reports recently hinted that Ford could sign on for a fifth film-but would then hand the reigns off to a younger actor for future films, in a move similar to the James Bond franchise, which has seen six different actors portray the iconic character over the past five decades.

An Indiana Jones 5 film has not been confirmed to be in the works by Disney.