Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will kiss in public on the red carpet at the premiere of "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2."

Pattinson and Stewart will delight their fans who are expected to camp out overnight to catch the glimpse of the on and offscreen couple. A public display of affection since their reconciliation will make the 24-hour wait certainly worth it for "Twi-hards" on Nov. 12.

"Rob and Kristen will kiss on the red carpet during the pictures phase of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 carpet," a source told Hollywood Life.

"It's currently a plan for them to do it and the only way Rob and Kristen won't do it is if Kristen chickens out," the source added. "Rob is 100% for it, but Kristen has had reservations to do it in fear of embarrassment. She feels like it would be awkward to do it for show. Summit introduced the idea to both of them and they are currently going to run with it."

The public kiss will further confirm reports of a reconciliation. The pair have been spotted together since September, however when a paparazzi snapped a photo of the couple kissing on Stewart's patio on Oct. 17, the website that had posted the photo removed it. It seems Summit, the film company behind the "Twilight" franchise, wanted to savor the couple's intimate moment for their fans at the release of the film's final installment.

The couple have been promoting the film overseas and in New York City this week through a series of television interviews. They both refused to address relationship questions on NBC's "Today." Relationship secrecy aside, Stewart did open up in a magazine interview that she has read a portion of the erotic novel "Fifty Shades of Grey," but found it disturbing.

"I've skimmed parts of it," Stewart told Backstage for a cover story interview. "When I read the first few pages describing her messy hair, I was like, 'This is so strange.' But it's just so raunchy! I mean, obviously, everyone knows that. But when I see people reading it on planes and stuff, I'm genuinely creeped out. Like, you're basically just reading porn right now! Get that blanket off your lap!" Ironically, Fifty Shades of Grey started as a fan fiction continuation of The Twilight Saga.