'Guardians of the Galaxy' Movie: Characters Descriptions, Spoilers & Video Trailer

With Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy film set to launch in 2014, many movie enthusiasts are scouring the Internet for details on the future blockbuster's comic features.

Although many Marvel fans already know the flick's main characters, below are the detailed descriptions for those who want to re-familiarize themselves.

Groot is believed to be the lone survivor of his own race. As the species Flora Colossus he has the ability to use other wooden plants as a source of nutrition, which helps in his regeneration. Since Groot has extremely limited speech, it's not likely he would have any dialogue in the film.

Peter Quill is a half-human, half Spartoi leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. While in outer space he met the alien Master of the Sun, who made him the Star-Lord. Peter had no actual superpowers but relies on the Element gun, Kree machine gun and a battle suit.

Drax the Destroyer began his life as the human Arthur Douglas, who passed away in an attack at the hands of Thanos. His spirit was then salvaged by the Titans Mentor and Kronos and he was given a new body. He has great strength, energy and flight blasts along with the ability to sense Thanos' presence from a far.

Rocket Raccoon is a former ranger on the Halfworld planet, a left-behind colony for the mentally unstable. The animals that resided on Halfworld were given human intelligence, and Peter Quill coined Rocket Raccoon as the most intelligent mind in the galaxy and someone who could skillfully handle a firearm.

Gamora is considered one of the most intimidating woman in the galaxy and was a one-time associate of Thanos, prior to turning on him when he attempted to destroy the universe. Gamora has incredible strength, agility and speed, which makes her useful in several different predicaments whether it in battle or stealth missions.

In terms of its casting, Guardians of the Galaxy has already signed actor Chris Pratt to play the role of Peter Quill (Star-Lord) and Jason Momoa is said to be in talks to play Drax the Destroyer, according to Fan Share.

Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey are also reported to be in line to take on the voices of Groot and Rocket Raccoon, which will be CGI characters. Adrianne Palicki, Gina Carano and Olivia Wilde are linked to the part of Gamora.

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