Tom Hardy News 2016: New Details Released On Actor's Rumored Character In 'Star Wars Episode 8' [VIDEO]


Is Tom Hardy really joining the new Star Wars movie? That appears to be the case.

There were some rumors claiming the actor would be in Episode VIII, but as far as everyone knew, they were just rumors. But according to Tuesday's report from Making Star Wars, it looks like this is actually happening-- and they even scrapped some juicy details on his character.

Warning though-- there are spoilers.

Apparently, Hardy is going to play a First Order stormtrooper who notices FN-2187 on a secret mission without realizing it. And when they end up meeting, it seems like a proper greeting might be in order. In fact, the action star's character might give some congratulatory remark on the promotion to Resistance infiltrator and spy.

The site also speculated that Hardy may remove his helmet, but no one should get too excited on that just yet. And considering that details on Episode VII were kept a secret pretty much during the entire filming run, odds are likely that things won't change for the next film.

Overall, fans can expect something pretty amazing from the actor since he already has a reputation for doing a great job in his work. One of his co-stars spoke to Britain's Closer magazine about Hardy's work ethic and how creative he can get.

"Tom is a bada-s actor in the purest sense of the word," Matthias Schoenaerts, who worked with Hardy in The Drop, said via TV3. "He's inspiring to work with. He's very committed, very imaginative, very sensitive and at the same time very brutal. I don't mean that in a violent way, I mean it in the sense that he's very authentic in his expression. That's what I liked about Tom; he's direct, there's no filter."

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