It turns out that Prince apparently performed at a "secret" show not too long before his death.

On Saturday, New York Daily News posted the details from actor Wass Stevens who said that Prince sang at a Manhattan show, something he was excited to see.

"Nobody knows this," Stevens said at the Cinepolis Chelsea theater. "Prince performed a month before he passed at Avenue and I went in to watch the show. I'm a huge fan of Prince's since I was in college."

What made this night more memorable is how close the actor was to Prince on stage.

"(Prince) walked up the runway- you know how we have that walkway to go up to the mezzanine?" Stevens said. "He came and was singing three feet away from me."

While there were previous rumors that Prince had some health problems since he died so unexpectedly, Stevens mentioned that he didn't see any signs of sickness based on what he saw in front of him.

"He didn't seem ill," he said about the singer. "He played for two hours. He sang his a-s off. He played every instrument. He sang everything. He sang all his old-school stuff. He sang all his new-school stuff."

Prince was also apparently being humble to his fans despite that some rules had to be followed.

"He was really nice," Stevens said. "The only rule was, no one was allowed to record, film or photograph. And no one was allowed to talk to him or look at him. Every time he would walk in and out, (he'd say), 'Sorry, boys. Sorry guys. Sorry. I know I'm being a pain in the a-s.' Being a pain in the a-s? It's your show, man."

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