Victoria Beckham Diet: What Fashion Superstar Eats To Keep Her Skin Great

I never had good skin. It's part genetics—everyone in my family had acne at some point—and part because I love to experiment, be it with skincare or with makeup. After a six-month stint of "good" skin—meaning, my skin was fairly blemish-free and as normal as it can get—it started getting bad again. No fair.

One of my ultimate skin goals is Victoria Beckham. She has impeccable skin, and not just for a woman in her 40s. She always looks radiant and has that myserious "lit from within" glow that I'm never quite able to emulate.

According to Victoria Beckham's dermatologist, Dr. Howard Lancer, it's not all genetics. The trick, he says, is to eat salmon every single day. That's a whole lotta fish.

It has something to do with salmon being laden with omega-3 fatty acids. Still, SO. MUCH. SALMON.

Hey, if it works for Victoria, it works for me.

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