Donald Trump History: Richard Hatch Says 'Something Happens' To GOP Nominee When Around Women [VIDEO]

From one reality star to another: Richard Hatch is calling out Donald Trump's lewd behavior towards women.

Survivor winner Richard Hatch, who would later be a contestant on Trump's Celebrity Apprentice, is now speaking out about the GOP nominee's behavior around women. Hatch got to observe Trump first-hand when he was a contestant on the show, and told TMZ recently about his changing mannerisms.

"There was constant off-putting interaction that you observe with him, with women," Hatch explains. "Something happens to him when a woman walks in the room and he changes. He figuratively starts drooling. You can see it. It's not actual drool but you see what happens to him with respect to women and he just gets weird."

Trump's comments about women are heavily documented at this point, starting with the now infamous 2005 clip in which he talks of grabbing women "by the p---y." Various women have since come out of the woodwork and revealed their pasts with Trump, with accusations of inappropriate behavior and even sexual assault.

Hatch noted that Trump acted in this lewd manner toward all types of women on the set of The Celebrity Apprentice.

"Trump's... lewdness toward women on the set, on the staff, celebrities who were contestants, visitors who came to the events if he happened to be there, that lewdness, that uncomfortable exchange where he felt entitled to slide up on them in that kind of slippery way, that happened frequently," Hatch said. "That's the way he engages. It's nonsense lately to see the interviews with Melania, et cetera."

He observed that his family and close associates are fully aware of Trump's behavior towards women, but "they're protecting him for whatever reasons, or they've convinced themselves that this behavior is okay. And I don't believe it, so I think it's that they're protecting him for whatever reasons."

Trump has not responded to Hatch's observations.

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