Jennifer Aniston Shares Her Struggles Of Being ‘A Sad, Childless Human’

Jennifer Aniston bears her heart out in the upcoming December issue of Marie Claire magazine. She also spoke about the struggles of a hardworking modern woman who has been wrongfully judged due to her lack of kids and controversial personal life.

The Friends star has been always been talked about in the tabloids for years now since her divorce with ex-husband Brad Pitt. Since then, rumors asking about Jen's fitness, body and dating life among other topics have been fondly researched by the media and as the actress said, have entailed lots of money and resources.

During the interview as mentioned in Attn, Jennifer Aniston pointed out how society judged married women without kids as people who should be 'pitied' and their lives considered as 'meaningless.'

The "Cake" star further pointed out that her efforts in the showbiz industry were just ignored with the media reducing her to a mere "sad, childless human." As a consequence, people focused on aspects that shamed her including her marital status, her divorce with Brad, her dating struggles and the media's intrusion of privacy with some tabloids talking about her body and her nipples!

Being a woman, the actress is also attuned to her soft side and revealed something about it during the interview with her sharing her doubts and crossroads as she ponders and wants to find out the things that can 'make her heart sing, as reported in Inquistr.

The celebrity's feminist stance started in July this year her op-ed entitled, For The Record, published in The Huffington Post. In her op-ed, Aniston uses the feminist jargon as she addressed the limitations that women have to face due to the "objectification and scrutiny" of the largely patriarchal society-a phenomenon that is both disturbing and absurd at the same time.

Jennifer Aniston had her second marriage last year in a secret ceremony with the actor Justin Theroux whom she described as somebody who makes her feel "completely seen and adored no matter what state" she is in.

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