Vin Diesel continues to feel the loss of Paul Walker three years after his unexpected death.

Diesel took the death of Walker very hard in 2013, when the young actor passed away from sustained injuries in a car crash. The two actors had developed a very close bond through starring together in five of the seven Fast & Furious films. Now, a full three years after Walker's death, Diesel is still broken up about it.

"We've felt the loss," Diesel told Entertainment Tonight this week, referring to his fellow cast members as well. "The last three years have been some of the hardest of my life because of losing my brother like that."

Diesel was in Brazil for the nation's Comic-Con and admitted that it was tough being there without Walker, who he often referred to as Pablo, considering they had previously been at the event together twice.

"I'd been to Brazil two times before and both times that I've been here, I've always been with my brother, Pablo. Even if I talked on ET in Brazil or any talk show, any press or while we were filming in the favelas, it was Pablo and me," Diesel said. "It was a lot of tissues and it was a hard morning for me yesterday because I was here. But the irony is the whole cast reached out and his daughter, Meadow, reached out and all that stuff helps you get through it."

Filming Furious 7 was a somber experience for Diesel, considering the circumstances, but Fast 8, the 2017 sequel, was pretty dark, too. Luckily, he got to film the relatively more light-hearted xXx: Return of Xander Cage in between.

"'Fast 8' was a very dark place and the darkest place Dom's ever been," he said. "So it was important for me, for my soul and for my family and for all the people that love me, for me to do 'xXx' and for me to enjoy myself the way that I did."