"Star Wars" Episode 8 Trailer Will Reveal Who Will Continue Jedi Legacy After The Death Of Luke Skywalker {VIDEO]

" Wars" is one of America's blockbuster movies of all time.On 2017, the latest sequel of the movie is reported to be released. Though at this early, there are many rumors and teasers of the upcoming sequel that are trending on the Internet.

According to a report by iTechPost,"Star Wars" episode 8 is proving to be a magnificent treasure of back stories on its many past and current characters. Kylo Ren is no exception since it appears that he also has an interesting back story to reveal.

"Star Wars" episode 8 will not be shown on the big screen until the last month of 2017 and yet it continues to make chronicle as its forerunners have done. Infinite stories have been going around the internet making it one of the most awaited movies of next year., the rumors are centered on" Kylo Ren's" background.

This script that leaked over the Internet only shows that Rey has a big part to play in the whole Star Wars universe. Based on the previous episode's cliff-hanger ending of Rey giving Luke's lightsaber back to him, fans began to contemplate that the two are anyhow related as father and daughter.

Die-hard Star Wars fans have been speculating a lot of rumors online ever since episode 7 was released. Besides being Luke's child, some assumptions also allege that Rey could be Obi-Wan Kenobi's daughter.
Meanwhile,other reports stated that the movie "Rogue One": A Star Wars Story is a movie by Disney which is about "Star Wars" spinoff will be shown on December 16,this year.

On a different report posted by University Herald, Star Wars Episode 8 leaked script featuring a scene in which the character of Luke Skywalker saying to Rey that she will rekindle the fire.

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