Now is there something about Julia Roberts' marriage with Danny Moder that everything is talking a lot about, but isn't familiar with? They haven't been seen with each other for a long time - probably months. Both are living separately, it is whispered.

The Hollywood actress was seen dining with her family and friends at a Washington, D.C. Indian Rasika West End restaurant, according to The Washington Post. But where was her husband? Being dressed in jeans and a black shirt, she looked cool, but rumors around her were hot.

For months, speculations of her divorce have been circulating. However, she does not want a public announcement of it. As she is protective about her three children, along with a $250 million dollar fortune, she doesn't want to come out into the open now.

Julia started dating Danny Moder even when he was with his ex-wife, Vera Moder, according to Mail Online. Julia went around wearing a shirt that had a message saying that Vera did not agree to what Julia wanted. Hence, her homemade t-shirt said 'A-low Vera.' She ran round Hollywood in the t-shirt. With the media clicking the A-lister in the shirt and publishing them, the entire industry got to know about them the following day.

But now, the couple hasn't been seen together much. Fans speculate that Julia made several public red carpet appearances, but she did not have her husband with her. Hence, rumors of their divorce are doing their rounds - fast and furious.

The reasons for their separation have been doing the round crazily too. There were rumors that Julia Roberts is hanging out with ex-star Owen Wilson and in fact, with a number of ex-boyfriends! She is also said to be a bit of a control freak, so she doesn't give Danny or anyone space to live their own lives.

The old rumors keep surfacing off and on. Perhaps the couple is headed for a divorce? Perhaps the two of them prefer to live separately. Or perhaps they just like their space and time?

There is certainly a lot of grist to the mill of opinions, if not facts!