'Deadpool' & 'Wolverine' May Not Ever Cross Paths, Writers Say: Too Much Work Will Be Affected

Wolverine is one character that may be drawing close to an apparent end, especially with the upcoming "Logan" movie coming soon. While that may be a saddening feat to some, there are those who grasp on to the hope of the character appearing even as a cameo in "Deadpool 2," and vice-versa in the aforesaid Wolverine film.

While the two Marvel characters are immensely popular to the masses, Hugh Jackman's Wolverine is entering a whole new terrain in the movie "Logan," as the team behind it confirmed. Seeing how Ryan Reynolds' "Deadpool" franchise seems to be an all-out funfest, the possibilities were considered by many fans.

This was highly disagreed upon by the team behind the "Deadpool" franchise, namely Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who wrote for the series. Both writers can attest that things may be more complicated than perceived if to bring a crossover forward, as it would greatly affect the future plans of 20th Century Fox. According to The Playlist, this will generally make a tangle in the scheduling shoot-wise, as well as concerns within the universe mostly because "Logan" is already set in a timeline of its own.

It was further justified by Reese that a Wolverine-Deadpool crossover was never planned even before "Deadpool" came out. Under the condition that it did, a lot of hard work will be put into the timelines and story of the whole universe. The only hope that the company could go for is that Jackman finds it in him to bring back the character one more time for a team up worth watching.

Wolverine, or Logan as some may call, is a character made popular by the "X-Men" series and the whole Marvel universe. His main power is the ability to quickly regenerate and spur out three Adamantium claws from each hand. Deadpool is another mutant in the Marvel universe that shares the same regenerative mutation but without any physically threatening offensive attributes. He is, however, dubbed the most fatal assassin in Marvel because of his acquired skills and physical immortality.

"Logan" is slated for launch on March 3, 2017. The sequel "Deadpool 2" will come sometime within 2018.

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