Leah Remini Scientology: Giovanni Ribisi Thinks Former Member Is Exposing Church For Money? [VIDEO]

Actor Giovanni Ribisi has questioned Leah Remini's motives for producing her new Scientology docuseries.

Ribisi, who is a member of the Church of Scientology, seemed to criticize Remini's intentions in making her A&E reality show Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, which showcases the organization's most egregious practices. Remini, an outspoken former member of the Church, has also been on a promotional tour revealing the dangers of Scientology.

Ribisi appeared on the Jim and Sam Show on Sirius XM radio recently and spoke on Remini's motivations in less than complimentary ways.

"Maybe Leah, who I've known since I was a teenager, had a problem with - I have a sneaking suspicion it was probably an issue with one or two people in the Church of Scientology. Or maybe it's broader than that and then it just seems to have festered," Ribisi said. "I do have to say, though, I can't help but wonder, somebody who's doing a series, a whole season, about that subject, that they're not getting paid. And there's a lot of money behind it. It's turned into such a controversy to where you go out, you make a documentary about it. You know, the person who's doing that is making money off it."

The actor noted that the topic isn't even something he cared to discuss, noting, "it's something where if somebody has a question the only thing you can really say is yeah, it works for me and if you're curious about it, go ahead, go pick up a book."

Remini responded to Ribisi's comments with journalist Tony Ortega on his blog, The Underground Bunker.

"I feel bad for Vonnie," she admitted. "He's only doing what we were all taught to do."

Remini has spoken at length about what the Church of Scientology tells its members about people who choose to leave the organization. She has received a lot of attention from them due to her actions in spreading the word about the organization's dangers, even writing a letter to talk show host Conan O'Brien before she was scheduled to appear on his show. O'Brien told Remini and viewers on his show that the letter claimed she was just doing this for attention and fame, to which the actress noted how they try to discredit those who go against them.

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