Lamborghini is a name probably synonymous to the extreme and most symbolic supercars in the world. The revised version of the company's flagship model named Aventador S apparently has shown its latest prowess in Circuit Ricardo Tormo, maneuvering the left-hander at the end of the half-mile straightaway, dropping speed and make the turn without losing control.

According to Digital Trends, making improvements to the Aventador was like creating revisions to the Sistine Chapel. Accordingly, Lamborghini applied every lesson learned from decades of experience in developing high-performance engines, sonorous exhaust systems, and cutting-edge chassis to push the company's V12-powered engine to the limit. Accordingly, the Aventador is already considered as one of the fastest, most theatrical new car in the market. It is apparently built around a carbon fiber monocoque and seemingly possess an appearance that is unrivaled.

The Aventador S reportedly carries a 6.5-liter V12 engine that occupies almost all of the space behind the rear seats. The 12-cylinder machine has no turbocharger, no supercharger, and no hybrid assistance. It purportedly generates an amazing 740 horsepower, and 509 pound-feet of torque through sheer displacement. The Aventador S peak power is reached at 8,400 rpm.

Officially, the Aventador S is said to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in a matter of 2.9 seconds, and hits 124 mph in just 8.8 seconds. The V12 reportedly continues to roar beyond the 217-mph mark. Lamborghini's supercar accordingly has a 7-speed independent shift rod transmission and a Haldex-type all-wheel drive system and fitted with probably the widest tires to be seen on a car.

The WIRED post said that Lamborghini gave the Aventador S a comprehensive rebuild of the front and rear suspension, including an adaptive damping system that uses real-time calculations for better body control to cope with the added torsional stresses of turning. Another improvement apparently is that the new model provides more power to the rear wheels, helping the car turn as it exits a bend. While Lamborghini brought much-needed refinements to the Aventador S, it the company has left enough of the rawness to keep the fires of controversy fueled.