Nintendo Switch Update: Possible Retailers Where You Can Buy the Device

The much-awaited release of Nintendo Switch finally comes, but the consumers' demand might not be anticipated. The home video game console has been out of stocked in almost every store, thus the game enthusiasts are looking for available units.

Nintendo already revealed that the retailers would have available stock of the game console on its release but has a limited number. "It's true pre-orders are very strong but we still expect Nintendo Switch to be available at some retailers on Day One," the tech giant's marketing director Nicolas Wegnez said.

However, Wegnez is still expecting that the shipping of Nintendo Switch to clients will smoothly roll. The platform's high-demand is a good sign for the video game company. However, he believed that making it available for everyone is "not a sprint but a marathon."

Hence, Wegnez revealed that they have prepared for the availability of Nintendo Switch in the coming months. Daily Express reported that interested buyers who haven't pre-ordered the unit can check Toys R Us to secure one.

Tesco, on the other hand, advised the game enthusiasts that they should have pre-ordered Nintendo Switch before it is officially unveiled. The retail company's spokesperson may have just suggested that they don't entertain walk-in clients but only online. With that, they are still accepting pre-orders that might be delivered on March 7.

Moreover, GameStop has bundled Nintendo Switch with "Breath of the Wild" along with a pro controller for about $454.99. Evidently, it is more expensive to its retail price of $300, but it already comes with a controller and guide. Also, eager fans who want to take a hold of the game console would surely buy this.

According to Forbes, it is not yet sure how long the Nintendo Switch will be out of stock. But, the tech giant might do everything to avoid another Classic Mini NES shortage. In fact, it looks like can easily have this unit again available on their shelves.

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