Justin Bieber may have some new concerns to worry about, but at the same time, the pop star has revealed a more affectionate side to him recently. His ex-girlfriend Sofia Richie received a new social media message from the Biebs himself, which many put a whole new meaning to.

As some may know, Justin Bieber has been on the bad end of his fans' side for a number of years, displaying uncanny, unpleasant behavior all throughout. Despite the many times in which the artist was given a chance to rectify, it seems as if there are still remaining bits and pieces that need to be addressed.

According to Daily Mail, Justin Bieber once again displayed a side of him that his "Beliebers" may not tolerate. For a show in Melbourne's Etihad Stadium, the "Sorry" singer was said to have snubbed a fan who got out of her car to take a picture with the pop star. Bieber already gave a heads up that he does not tolerate the invasion of privacy, but the woman insisted that she will still take a picture regardless. In the same manner, Bieber disappointed the fans who attended his "Purpose" tour, saying that he seemed rather "bored" and "uninterested" in performing. Many took the case to social media, expressing their unpleasant experience.

To contradict it, Justin Bieber then showed his sensitive, affectionate side as he commented on one of the photos of ex-girlfriend Sofia Richie. Lining below the other comments of her friends, Bieber captioned, "Ur so pretty," striking the public's eye. According to Teen Vogue, fans expressed their opinions on Richie's post, but despite a few hateful remarks, there are some who believe in her beauty and the admiration that Bieber is showing her.

After the many years that Justin Bieber has received backlash from the rest of the world, it is still somewhat uncertain as to how far the pop star will go in terms of changing for the better. Stay posted for more news and updates.