Nintendo Switch Update: Sales Dropped Significantly; Console Plagued By Issues

Nintendo Switch was launched earlier this month with sales looking very promising. However, figures are starting to drop significantly. Does it have something to do with the issues players are experiencing with the new game console?

Nintendo Switch Sales Slowing Down

On the first week of its availability, there were 329,152 Nintendo Switch sold in Japan according to a report by BGR. Famitsu estimated it to be 330,637, so the numbers are just in line. Game developers were optimistic of the figures as it looks promising.

However, on the second week since its launch, Nintendo Switch only sold 51,998 units in Japan. A slowdown in sales is expected weeks after the initial launch. But this drop is more than what game developers have foreseen. In comparison with Nintendo Switch, 308,570 units of Wii U were sold in 2009 during the opening week on a holiday shopping season.

Nintendo Switch Plagued By Issues

A couple of hardware and software issues are plaguing the new Nintendo Switch according to a report by The New Daily. Some users reported that they are unable to boot the game console. A distorted and fragmented company logo is displayed after power on. Some gamers also said there are random squealing noises over a blank screen or even during gameplay.

Charging and playing at the same while making letting the Nintendo Switch on the table is not possible. The game console's charging port is found on the bottom of the tablet with cable protruding out and down. That said, the latest from the Japanese company can only be charged lying flat or during handheld play.

Makers of Nintendo Switch already announced that there are no widespread technical problems. All issues are also being addressed promptly. As a gaming company, they take pride in creating quality products and they want their consumers to have a positive experience.

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