"Sister Wives" Star Mariah Brown made an official announcement about her relationship status on Facebook. Mariah Brown finally revealed her that she is dating a Webminister College peer Audrey Kriss. This relationship revelation was a matter of both surprise and shock for her family and viewers.

Both Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss disclosed their relationship status on February 19 by updating it on Facebook. Mariah Brown happens to be a Star actress in an American reality TV Series broadcasted on TLC. The show projects out a life of a polygamist family with a man and his four wives and their 18 children. As mentioned in InTouch Weekly, "Sister Wives" Star Mariah Brown praised Audrey Kriss for International Women's Day by tweeting on Twitter for changing her life by supporting her and by making her realize her worth. They also reported that her relationship revelation won't be accepted by her family that easily for Brown family are devout Moron fundamentalist which is a religion where they don't typically approve of homosexuality.

However, 'Sister Wives' Star Mariah Brown's family initially took a time to adjust to the news of their daughter being gay but then they turn themselves supportive. According to US Magazine, Mariah Brown gathered her family members including her mom Meri and dad Kody and sister wives Janelle, Christine, and Robyn during a January 2017 episode to inform them that she identifies herself as a lesbian.

The entire family lost their plot and among all, a greater impact was on her mother for she broke down completely in tears and started pointing out on the facts that she will never be able to get because her daughter has gone gay. She stated that she always expected "Sister Wives" Star Mariah Brown will grow up and meet a guy whom she will marry and have kids for she always wanted to have a son and since she never had one, she planned of adopting Mariah's husband as the son.

These were the reactions before they knew that Audrey Kriss is the one whom their daughter is expecting to be with. "Sister Wives" Star Mariah Brown's father is an understanding dad because he stated that he as a dad requires accepting his kids rather than judging them. The show has aired the same topics through their episodes as well making it more dramatic for viewers to watch and enjoy.

Brown family has accepted their daughter and her relationship with Audrey Kriss. The viewers are expecting that soon Audrey would be seen on screen with our 'Sister Wives' Star Mariah Brown.