Tom Cruise Reveals Reason He Took The Role Of Real-Life Drug Smuggler: Says He Was Intrigued By Seal’s Life

Tom Cruise will play the role of a real-life drug-smuggler in his new and upcoming film, "American Made" and a lot of his fans wondered why he took the role. The actor then revealed the reason why he took the role which is far different from the ones he used to portray in most of his films.

In the said film, PEOPLE reported that Cruise will take on the complicated role of a real-life pilot named Barry Seal who is also a drug-smuggler for the Colombian cartels and an informant for the CIA in the 1980s. With this, he revealed that he was fascinated by the life of Seal even if he is not considered as a hero.

Though Cruise shared that he was really fascinated by what Seal does in his life, he said that he doesn't agree totally with what he is doing most especially in his work as a drug-smuggler. The actor also related this to one of the characters in the story of one of his favorite authors, Mark Twain. Then he further revealed that it is not every day that an actor gets to play a character who is a devoted husband and father and a drug runner, a CIA operative working for the DEA.

Meanwhile, it was reported that through this new film, Cruise was able to work again with his "Edge of Tomorrow" director Doug Liman and reports added that it was one of the reasons the actor decided to take the project. Like his 1986's hit film, "Top Gun" the fans will witness Cruise again taking the seat of a pilot as he also shared that they shot the film very differently in a much real way.

According to Express, Seal was not an Indiana Jones-type of daredevil working with the CIA to bring down the Medellin cartel. He was then more of an opportunistic drug smuggler who flew thousands of pounds of cocaine into America destroying hundreds of lives.

Lastly, it was just confirmed that this "American Made" starring Tom Cruise will be released in cinemas on September 29, 2017. Like what the actor shared, this movie is one of the films which he felt attached to the main character.

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