Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus might be seen together for several times already even gallivanting around town but that doesn't mean that everybody agrees to their romance. It was reported recently that her "Sunday Night Live" family were not that really impressed with her A-lister beau.

Radar Online reported that Ben and his girlfriend Lindsay attended the Emmys together previously and the newly-public couple turned heads with their presence together. As the rumored couple ignited some positive remarks from others, some were reportedly not happy as Ben is believed to be boring.

Some sources claimed that Ben and Lindsay are a tight bunch and it will take a long time for her circle of friends to welcome a new person in. It is understood that they have all known each other for years already and they admire and appreciate talent and comedic skills above popularity. Reports came in that despite Ben's efforts to win over his girlfriend's inner circle, one source dished the actor saying that he might be famous but not funny.

It was also claimed that all night long during the Emmys, Ben was trying to crack jokes and show how smart and clever he is. But it seemed like his efforts were not good enough and was advised to just relax and take a back seat. After all, it was added that it was not Ben's night. Everybody in the group loves Lindsay and think she can still do better even without Ben beside her.

After that, some reports from Testing New Trend also claimed that at the end of the awards night, the group was laughing at Ben and not in fact with him. The actor was given a chance to get closer and bond to Lindsay's "Saturday Night Live" family and co-workers during the Emmy Awards. But much to the actor's disappointment, Shookus' friends reportedly were not impressed with him, or exactly his sense of humor.

Amidst struggling to win over Lindsay's friends, Ben Affleck was still doing his responsibility as a supportive boyfriend. Apparently, reports claimed that he tried not to outshine his girlfriend in the course of the event since it was her night to the point that he even jumped up when SNL won.