Tyrese Gibson recently claimed that the new medication he was prescribed to take was the reason behind his erratic outbursts. The singer took to social media, as he's done for the past few months, to explain that the side-effects of the antidepressant drug made it very hard for him to control his behavior, ultimately shutting the down the theory that he is 'mentally ill'.

His ex-wife, Norma Gibson, doesn't seem so sure of this. Norma has requested that the singer undergo a mental evaluation to deduce if Gibson is in the right mind-frame to be around their daughter, Shayla, who the two are currently fighting over in court.

The former Mrs. Gibson has alleged that Tyrese severely beat and abused their only daughter and has filed a temporary restraining order against him while also seeking to gain full custody of the 11 year-old kid. Tyrese denies these claims and has since been fighting to get his daughter back. The singer stated that the traumatic experience of losing his daughter and other strenuous circumstances he's been dealing with made his doctor advise him to try this drug.

Norma's lawyer, Aleen Khanjian, spoke to the judge presiding over the case about subjecting the actor to the evaluation. This follows the news that Gibson's lawyer apparently dropped the singer and Gibson is looking to represent himself. Khanjian did reference the bizarre social media videos and that Gibson violated the terms of restraining order when he sent jet with a banner attached to it that flew over his daughter's school.

The judge has yet to make a decision.

Gibson has been engaged in various feuds throughout this year. He expressively spoke against his co-star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson after it was announced that Johnson would be starring in a spinoff Fast and Furious film. Gibson bashed and berated his former friend and also threatened to leave the franchise if Johnson appeared in the next film. Gibson alleges that the one-sided battle between the two has subsided after he spoke to one of Johnson's representatives. Gibson was also feuding with his former band mate, Tank, who accused Gibson of leaving their group, TGT, for more money.

The Baby Boy actor suffered a health scare in the midst of the custody battle and went to the hospital after the first day in court, stating that he was dehydrated and nauseous.

Gibson addressed the assumptions of his mental state after many believed the singer was suffering some sort of mental breakdown. The singer assured his fans that he does not take drugs or drink alcohol and he's on the mend to making a full recovery since he's stop taking the medication.

Gibson and his new wife, Samantha, are apparently expecting their first child together.