Super Bowl 2018: Janet Jackson's Father, Joe, Is Convinced She'll Perform With Justin Timberlake

While fans wonder if iconic performer Janet Jackson will hit the Super Bowl 52 stage with Justin Timberlake for its halftime show, Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, is convinced that fans can expect a surprise performance.

Joe Jackson Says Janet Is Hitting The Stage

Timberlake announced back in October that he has signed on to perform for the coveted performance. Many fans wondered if Janet would perform with him considering the last time he hit the stage was during Janet’s 2001 performance. It doesn’t seem as if anyone has forgotten about the wardrobe malfunction that ended with Janet’s breast being exposed on national television in front of millions. Considering Timberlake has been invited back after more than 15 years, there is speculation that Janet could hit the stage as well — especially since she’s on tour now. Her father, Joe, is pretty confident she will.

“Janet is ready to comeback and I think it will happen,” said Joe during an interview with NY Daily News. “The way I brought her up she was made for comebacks and this is no different.”

He went on to reveal that since the epic performance now known as “Nipplegate,” his daughter always wondered if the NFL banned her for good, or if the high-profile organization would invite her to perform again.

Already In Talks Of It?

His statement went a step beyond hearsay when he added that conversation of Janet, who had a child and filed for divorce this year, teaming up with Timberlake for the event has already started. He also said it’s being kept on the low until all parties come to an agreement in writing.

Joe also said that it would be smart for the NFL to allow Janet back on the stage, considering its media nightmare as professional football players, owners, and coaches boycott the national anthem around the country. He said Janet can help bring in the ratings the NFL allegedly desperately needs.

“The audience are expecting a show and I feel that they are expecting to her too,” he said. “It is what they want.”

As for a possible repeat of the horrific malfunction, Joe guaranteed it was a one-time moment.

Super Bowl 52 is slated for Minneapolis. It will air live on Feb. 4, 2018. There is also speculation that Timberlake’s former boyband members, NSYNC, will hit the stage with him.

Meanwhile, Janet Jackson is on her State of the World Tour. She kicked off the first leg in early September and will be visiting 56 cities during the tour.

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