More actors and actresses are speaking up amid the Harvey Weinstein scandal that has taken over Hollywood. After the producer was publicly outed by over 50 women and counting, the epidemic has encouraged the workers of the industry to band together and find a way to put an end to it.

Ben Affleck, who was featured in many of Weinstein's films, was accused by One Tree Hill actress Hilarie Burton, of groping her while they were on the show, TRL. The incident occurred back in 2003.

Ben Affleck Responds to Hilarie Burton's Accusations

The actor recently touched on the Weinstein scandal and Burton's claim during an interview on The Late Show. The uncomfortable subject was brought up by the show's host, Stephen Colbert after he mentioned that Weinstein was responsible for Affleck becoming a successful actor.

"I hadn't worked for Harvey for more than 15 years, but nevertheless I felt this attachment to him with movies like Good Will Hunting and Shakespeare in Love and Chasing Amy and some of the early movies that I really loved doing when I still was totally brand new," Affleck said. "It sort of tainted that to realize that while we were having this experience and making these movies, there were people that were suffering and dealing with awful experiences. I didn't really know what to do with that." 

He also acknowledges that accusation made against him by Burton. Although he doesn't fully remember it, he gave a sincere apology while adding that he did not believe Burton was making up what she claimed.

"It's just the kind of thing we have to - as men, I think, as we become more aware of this - be really, really mindful of our behavior and hold ourselves accountable. And say, 'If I was ever part of the problem, I want to change and be part of the solution," Affleck further explained.

Anti-Harassment Hotline Up And Running By December

Since allegations of sexual assault and abuse have spread, certain Hollywood A-list women have started to take matters into their own hands. Aside from naming their attackers to meeting with other powerful women in the industry, it has been reported that there will be an anti-harassment hotline for anyone who has suffered any form of harassment or abuse. It will be up and running by December. Even certain actors, such as Matt Damon and George Clooney have agreed that something has to change in order for Hollywood or any workplace to feel safe again.

Affleck did speak out against Weinstein on social media when the allegations first started making headlines, expressing his "shock and anger" at the man he worked with. He noted that Weinstein used his power for manipulative purposes, which "sickened'" him.

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