The stars of Bravo's Married To Medicine have a rough season as news of infidelity and divorce rock the cast. Now, a third woman comes forward and dishes on troubles in her marriage.

The fifth season kicked off with Jackie Walters coping with her husband, Curtis and another woman being outed for their secret affair. Curtis’s face was plastered on several blogs after he and the woman were seen traveling together.

A few weeks later, Walters’ longtime friend, co-star, and doctor Simone Whitmore announced that she and her husband were splitting after they celebrated their 20-year anniversary last season.

Mariah Huq Tells Her Truth

Now, Mariah Huq has opened up about her husband, Aydin Huq’s infidelity. She did so during an episode of the show that aired recently as she attempted to help Walters through her marital woes.

“It’s okay to fight for your marriage, you don’t owe an explanation to anybody,” said Mariah. “I’ve been where you are, I have. Yeah [with Aydin], nobody’s exempt Toya. We’ve been married over a decade and we have had issues like everybody else and infidelity has come up in my marriage just like everybody else.”

Is There Hope For The Couples?

She went on to tell her costars and frenemies that she and Aydin decided to work things out for the long haul. Interestingly enough, Aydin was sitting only a few fit away and didn’t appear to be a fan of his wife’s big reveal. She later told cameras that it’s ultimately up to the husband and wife to choose whether they are going to stick it out in their marriage.

As for Walters, she was taken aback that Huq, who typically has a hardcore exterior, would open up to her and spill details of her own life in an effort to make Walters feel better.

Huq also told cameras that she wanted to tell Walters her story to let Walters know the struggle with Curtis was only temporary. Considering Walters later went to sit with her husband, it might be safe to say the two are trying to fix their marriage.

Thankfully for Walters, she and her husband had quite the moment during the group’s sex therapy sessions. It looks like the two, who are usually very private with their romance, are taking steps to be more open about it as they heal with one another.

Married To Medicine airs on Bravo Fridays at 9 p.m. EST or 8 p.m. CT.

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