Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent said she believes the soul of the late Tupac Shakur has now taken over her body.

In an interview with The Jenny McCarthy Show, the 27-year-old beauty has a different theory and thinks that a paranormal has occurred between her and the deceased rapper.

"I don't know where that comes from, I mean I am a firm believer that when Tupac died, he took over my body. I know you're laughing, but I'm being for real," Kent said on the Sirius XM podcast.

Kent then showed a "thug life" tattoo on the insides of her left ankle which resembles Tupac's influence on her.

A Complete Opposite

When McCarthy asked how it is possible that a Utah girl can turn into a "cool, hood chick," Kent said that the spirit of the West Coast artist helped her accomplish that.

Despite her renewed sense of self, Kent said she is still aware of her real self.

"[T]he thing is I've never been in a fight before. I am as boujee and white as they come but I get to clapping sometimes, pretend you know?" she said.

Host McCarthy wanted to be doubly sure if Kent really believed that Tupac's soul is living in her body.

"I do and you know I'm sure he is not thrilled with his new body casing but I'm not thrilled about the temper," the reality star said.

Vanderpump Rules airs every Monday night on Bravo.

Remembering Tupac

A number of speculations and conspiracy theories have surrounded Tupac's death 20 years ago. Official police reports have confirmed that the rapper died of four shots in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas in 1996.

Rumors have it that Tupac, who was 25 years old at the time of his death, is still alive and could be hiding out in Cuba. Other conspiracy theorists also claimed that Tupac's murder was set up by the Central Intelligence Agency to send a message to street gangs.

In 2012, suspicions of Tupac being alive grew stronger as a photo of him with singer Rihanna circulated on the internet. A certain David Myers, a retired police officer, said he was paid 1.2 million euros to conspire to Tupac's faked death.

Prior to his death, Tupac was imprisoned on sexual assault charges against Ayanna Jackson. The case made headlines, as Jackson claimed the rapper and his gang members performed a sex attack on her.

Tupac and his road manager Charles Fuller was found guilty of first-degree sexual abuse. The former was given up to four and a half years in prison but only spent nine months. Fuller, on the one hand, spent four months behind bars and underwent five years of probation.

Tupac claimed his innocence until his death.