Chrissy Teigen is one to show that food outweighs the Oscars, hands down, as she reveals tacos are her priority on Sunday.

The wife of singer John Legend was nowhere to be seen on the Oscars red carpet on Sunday, the time when outstanding celebrities get recognized. However, Teigen has some good explanation as to why she skipped the oh-so glamorous night, which was totally relatable.

"I have cancelled Oscars Sunday and am trying to track down the taco truck featured in Ugly Delicious," the soon mom of two quipped via Twitter. The show takes their audience in their travels across the globe to feature cultural food.

Teigen then went on to announce she was giving away her dress, ideal fitting for a six-month preggo. Of course, pregnant Twitter users, or even their husbands, and others with just the same size of her belly, called dibs on the supposed dress.

Restless Search

Her search for the taco truck had her pumped up on Sunday, just as the celebrities are busy with the Oscars. Teigen revealed, with her incessant search it seemed, that it was "Mariscos Jalisco #2," and added her next goal: To find their Twitter account.

But just a few minutes later, she updated her followers that she was somehow part FBI, part celebrity when she tagged the official account of the food truck.

"THAT WAS EASY," Teigen wrote.

But to clarify things, the 32-year-old model explained in another tweet she actually did not have plans to go to the awards night, so her presumed to be last-minute ditching of the event, linked with the notorious taco, was debunked. Teigen said she was not attending after-parties and viewings as well.

Additionally, being her humorous and comical self, Teigen revealed she was on her way to China with her daughter, Luna, after she has had her taco cravings satisfied. They are set to join the family patriarch, Legend, who is now on his Asian leg of his "Darkness and Light" tour.

Days prior to the Oscars, Teigen shared some throwback photos of her and Legend attending the event. But as expected, she again threw in some hint of comedy.

"Brace yourself for coral dress - colored contacts and [seven] days in a tanning bed, ohhhh dear. Young Chrissy, you kill me," Teigen captioned the series of photos on Instagram.

Pretty much everything she says or does turns into a carnival. Last year, cameras got a glimpse of a sleeping Teigen when these panned to Meryl Streep when nominations were up. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model was caught snoozing, leaning comfortably in Legend's shoulder. The infamous incident had transformed into a thousand gifs and even memes.