Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott 'Had The Best St. Patrick's Day' With The Kids

Amid divorce rumors, Tori Spelling and husband, Dean McDermott, celebrate St. Patrick's Day in unison with the children on a restaurant date.

The couple and their five children chose to spend the holiday at Brendan's Irish Pub in Agoura Hills, California, on Saturday. The family had corned beef and cabbage as part of their menu. The children were dressed in color-coordinated green dresses except for 6-year-old Hattie, who was even cuter in pink.

In an Instagram post, McDermott posted a snapshot of their family with the caption: "Had the best St. Patricks day with my brood today." He also used the hashtags #familyfirst, maytheroadrisetomeetyou, and #blessed.

In the same day, Spelling also posted a photo of her sitting cozily on a grassy lawn and dressed in black long sleeve top and green lace skirt. Her outfit, which she called haute leprechaun, was accentuated with green lipstick.

Police Patrons

McDermott's household recently has been the center of intrigues as police authorities have visited their residence a couple of times. On one occasion prior to Beau's first birthday, the police showed up at their residence after a 911 report of a verbal altercation.

"Our officers were cautious in approaching the residence since it was unknown whether or not there were any weapons present, but none were discovered," the Los Angeles Police said.

"At this point in time, there is a preliminary investigation ongoing at the residence and our officers are there at the moment taking statements and reviewing any information that they have received regarding this incident," the police's statement continued.

In another incident, it was McDermott himself who called the police to visit the house and inquire about Spelling's well-being. The feud did not end there because on March 10, authorities were forced to lead them out of a restaurant after a heated argument during a dinner.

A group of paparazzi immediately caught the story and photographed the family leaving the diner through a back door. It was reported that McDermott pleaded the photographers not to inquire about Spelling's health in front of their children.

Complicated Relationships

In a magazine interview, Candy Spelling said that her daughter is not happy with her marriage to Dean. However, the same report stated that Tori and her mother have a "really complicated, kind of horrible relationship."

The couple's marriage woes are not surprising to the public, as the events are documented in the reality show True Tori. The show revealed McDermott's infidelity, including a two-day affair with a woman named Emily Goodhand, and his rehab journey.

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