While a majority of the couples went through major marital woes on the latest season of Married To Medicine, it looks like not only Dr. Jackie Walters and her husband Curtis Berry have hope for reconciliation.

Simone And Cecil Working It Out

Simone Whitmore and her husband Cecil shocked fans when Simone announced their separation recently. The two married more than 20 years ago. However, during the reunion special of the Bravo series, they hinted that they are working on fixing their marriage.

Simone and Cecil were a united front and held hands as Cecil apologized to his wife for any wrongdoing during their marriage. Even though infidelity didn’t seem to be an issue like it was for the other couples, it’s safe to say they certainly had their issues when Cecil befriended another woman. Cecil admitted that he didn’t want him and Simone to split up for good.

Simone added that both of them will have to work to keep their marriage going, and Cecil said he was willing to get rid of his female friend if that meant having his wife back on his side. Simone further said that they would have to go through counseling individually and as a couple.

Walters and Berry, who went through their own issues this season, both showed their support and stood up to encourage and help Simone and Cecil get through the difficult conversation.

How They'll Move Forward

Host Andy Cohen asked the couple where they stood then. While Simone said they were “in limbo,” many of the cast members agreed that it was a better position than when they first arrived at the reunion and Simone had filed for a split.

As Cecil reiterated that he would ditch his friendship with the other woman, Simone said she would move toward fixing their marriage by calling her lawyer and putting a stop to the divorce.

Simone gave fans an update on the status of her and Cecil’s marriage after the final part of the reunion aired Friday, March 23.

“Cecil and I left the reunion committed to one another to work on marriage,” said Simone. “We are in counseling individually and together. We are still living separately but hopeful for a union under one roof soon.”

She also said they are working on finding their happiness together.

A Season Of Marriage Drama

Meanwhile, Berry and Walters decided to stay together after Berry's infidelity became a topic of conversation this season. Quad Webb-Lunceford also has things to figure out with her husband after rumors of him being in a hotel room with another woman went viral.

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