The fifth season of Bravo’s Married To Medicine ended just the way it started – with a cheating scandal. Another husband was put on blast during the show’s dramatic reunion Friday with claims that he cheated.

Did Quad Webb-Lunceford's Husband Cheat?

Fans saw Quad Webb-Lunceford and her husband Gregory Lunceford bump heads more than ever this season. From Quad’s issues with her husband not respecting her to their disagreement on when to have kids that continues to resurface.

Still, what fans didn’t see were the details of a cheating scandal that Gregory was involved with. Those were revealed during the reunion. Gregory admitted he met a woman at a hotel who later came to his room, but insisted he never cheated. He was caught after the mystery woman threatened to send hotel receipts to popular celebrity blog, The Shade Room.

He said during the reunion that he decided to leave the hotel room because he realized it looked bad. The woman stayed, took the receipt the next morning, and used it for attempted extortion.

Quad explained that she found out about the incident when Gregory told her he needed her help because a woman wanted to extort him with alleged proof that he cheated. Quad said he asked her for advice on whether he should pay the woman or take legal action.

'Married To Medicine' Husbands Are Getting Caught Up

Gregory isn’t the first husband to be put on blast for allegedly cheating. In fact, the show’s current season began with drama between Dr. Jackie Walters and her husband Curtis Berry. Berry made headlines after he was caught traveling with a woman who was not his wife just weeks before the cast began taping new episodes.

He did admit to the affair and Walters revealed that she filed for divorce just three days later while she decided if she wanted to stick with Berry. The two ended up working out their differences by the end of the season. Berry moved back into the home but Walters didn’t let him all the way back in when it came to her affection. She made him sleep in the basement.

Quad and Walters weren’t the only couple who dealt with harsh marital woes this season. Simone Whitmore and her husband Cecil’. While they went through counseling in hopes of fixing their marriage, Whitmore announced their separation recently. She also confirmed the news during the reunion. They have been married for more than 20 years.

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