While Kim Kardashian is arguably one of the most famous women in the world, she revealed she’d rather have her businesses than the spotlight. The star also talked about her husband, having a surrogate, and if they’ll have more kids.

Kim On Why She Wants Business Over Fame

As for why she’d choose the life of a businesswoman over being famous, Kardashian said business is something she’s had a passion for since she was a little girl.

“Even when I worked in my dad’s office, I was doing side eBay jobs on my lunch break,” said Kardashian. “I lived a really great life growing up, but we were taught that if we wanted to keep that up, we had to work.”

She said that ultimately, if she had to choose between one or the other, she’d choose business over fame. For now, she is still a celebrity with a following that can’t be denied. Still, fans know Kardashian and her family are no strangers to backlash and criticism that they often respond to.

She explained that she dealt with the negativity when she stopped caring about what other people think, and started focusing on what makes her happy. She insisted that not everyone can handle the life of the rich and famous and credited her close ones for helping her cope.

Kim and Kanye Learn From Each Other

Fans can thank one of Kardashian’s close ones, her husband Kanye West, for her decision to speak out more these days. She said that one thing she’s learned in her marriage to the outspoken rapper is to “have more of an opinion.” Still, she added that she’s taught him how to tone it down when it comes to sharing his thoughts.

“We’re a good balance together,” added Kardashian.

Will The West Family Ever Welcome Baby Number 4?

The two just welcomed their third child together, Chicago West, earlier this year. This time around was a bit different for the couple as they went the surrogacy route. Kardashian said while she wasn’t a fan of being pregnant after carrying North West and Saint West, if she could, she would have carried Chicago as well. Still, she knew her body couldn’t go through another pregnancy.

When it came to how they determined which embryo to choose, Kardashian said the healthiest one was the most important to her. That one happened to be a girl.

Now, Kardashian said she’s not sure if she wants to have baby number four, but she’s open to it. She made it clear she wouldn’t be able to “handle more than that and explained she would want to be there for Kanye as much as she is for her children.

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