Is 'Bill & Ted 3' Happening? Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter Say There's A Chance

Fans, who have long been clamoring for a Bill & Ted 3, will take delight on the news that Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter admitted there's a possibility for the film.

However, the news should be taken lightly, as talks are still unofficial, and a go-signal had not been issued. To give light on this, Reeves and Winter starred in the hit 1989 film titled Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. It became influential and earned a massive fan base, which led to numerous projects based on the film.

A cartoon, TV, and live-action spin-offs were created, as well as a Nintendo game. So it can be said that the original film definitely got something right. It was followed by a sequel in 1991, titled Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, which also starred the original duo, Reeves and Winter.

Bill & Ted 3

Now, Reeves and Winter finally made some statements that could make fans hope and hold on to the idea of a Bill & Ted 3. The topic of a third installment of the film had actually been on the air for a long period, and the cast as well as writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson revealed they did not stop communicating.

The third part of Bill & Ted actually crossed the writers' and actors' mind in 2007, which was 11 years ago. If this was the case, why is there no movie yet? It turns out it's not that simple as it looks, Reeves stressed.

"They pitched us an idea. It sounded great. In show business, there's show and then there's business," Reeves explained.


This was backed up by Solomon's statement, hinting that they have pitched the story for Bill & Ted 3 a lot of times, though it gets turned down at a later point. To support this further, the writer explained that they have actually penned a script, titled Bill & Ted Face the Music, that talks about Reeves's Ted and Winter's Bill and their efforts to fulfill their dream of saving the world.

As for the materialization of this concept, Solomon said they are set to meet with people who might be willing to finance the film, and hopefully, their efforts would be fruitful, which the fans will know by next month. For now, Bill & Ted Face the Music already has a director, Dean Parisot, whose handiwork includes the Galaxy Quest.

Add to that, Winter revealed that getting the film to actually be green-lighted has a nostalgic feel, as it somehow was like in the first film, adding he was actually happy about this factor.

"It's this kind of independent spirit, and the films have an anachronistic quality to them that's a big part of what they are, fundamentally," Winter said.

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