Just days before John Krasinski-starrer A Quiet Place hits theaters on Thursday, Paramount has released the final trailer, which will leave anyone terrified.

The horror thriller also stars Krasinski's real-life partner, Emily Blunt, who, unsurprisingly, played opposite the 38-year-old The Office actor. They play husband and wife who must do everything to survive and protect their children against mysterious and scary creatures during post-apocalypse.

"If they hear you, they hunt you," the trailer read, hence the title.


Many noted that the last trailer for A Quiet Place is promising and is jam-packed with heart-pounding scenes. It could prove to be big, come April 6, even as this film has yet to fully show the faces (or not) of the monsters included in the film, and the silhouettes featured in the trailer just left more for imagination.

Paramount has also been secretive of other details of the film, including the real plot of the film, which leaves fans with a lot of questions in mind. How did the chaos start? Where did the monsters come from? And so on. In short, even as the A Quiet Place final trailer had been dropped, fans may have to buy tickets to know how all these happened.

Notably, A Quiet Place isn't the first film to delve on a survival post-apocalyptic theme. But, as established, the characters must stay quiet to stay alive, but why? It currently holds 100 percent rating in Rotten Tomatoes, so clearly it has already amassed a lot of curious fans. The Krasinski-directed film was introduced in Austin, Texas during the SXSW festival and it had since gained a following and started a buzz.

Directorial Project

A Quiet Place showcases a different side of Krasinski, who has been known as Jim Halpert in The Office. The genre is certainly one where it's hard to imagine the actor to be in, and the trailer proves he can also do some dark, horror, or thriller projects.

Will it be successful? A Quiet Place could be a door-opener for Krasinski to a lot of directorial stints. However, the film is quite in for a battle as it is set to go head to head this weekend with Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg and Blockers by Kay Cannon.

Krasinski could just hope so much that the hype the trailers and announcements made are enough to keep people hooked to the film. Additionally, the support he is getting from popular friends, a.k.a. power and influential couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, could be deemed helpful in raking lots of audience. The pair extended their full support for the film when they attended A Quiet Place premiere on Monday in New York City.