Tyler Baltierra doesn't seem to be doing too well, despite the fact that his wife, Catelynn Lowell, recently returned home from an Arizona rehab center.

Following a troublesome tweet shared by Baltierra earlier this week, a source claims Baltierra needs to put his mental health first after holding his family together for the past several months as Lowell concentrated on her own health in treatment.

“It’s Tyler’s turn to put his mental health at the top of the list," a source told Radar Online on April 3. "He loves being the man of the house and providing for his family, seeing as his father never did that for him, but there’s no denying he’s been through a lot.”

Stepping Up For His Family

After Lowell sought treatment for suicidal thoughts in November of last year, Baltierra stepped up with their daughter in a major way and made sure their business, Tierra Reign, was running smoothly. Unfortunately, doing so appears to have taken a toll on the reality star and days ago, he took to Twitter and told fans he was feeling "empty" and "alone."

Baltierra welcomed duaghter Novalee Reign in January 2015 and tied the knot with Lowell in August of last year. Then, in late 2017, Lowell became pregnant again but sadly, she lost the baby just months into her pregnancy. Because of the miscarriage, Lowell's mental health began to suffer.

Tyler's Mental Health

Tyler is known to be very much aware and expressive of his mental health condition.

“He’s been super open about mental health along with Cate, doing plenty of blogs, interviews and podcasts so he’s been super transparent about how he feels,” the source explained. “Him and Cate learned through rehab to speak up so they know what’s going on with each other so all insecurities and pent up frustrations don’t weight them down.”

Are More Kids On The Horizon?

While Lowell and Baltierra are in no rush to welcome more children after her miscarriage months ago, the couple does plan to expand their family at some point. As fans will recall, Lowell welcomed first child Carly during her and Baltierra's time on 16 & Pregnant.

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