Amber Portwood is just weeks away from her second child's due date, and as she prepares to give birth, she's shared a new photo of her baby bump.

On April 4, the longtime Teen Mom OG star took to her Instagram page and shared a couple of side-by-side photos of herself, her baby bump, and her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, with her fans and followers.

"Andrew reading his baby book and me making sure little James is a healthy boy!! #LifeisBeautiful," Portwood wrote in the caption of the photo seen below.

Amber Portwood And Andrew Glennon Met On Set

Portwood and Glennon debuted their romance on the red carpet in August 2017 at the MTV Video Music Awards and discovered they were expecting their first child together just weeks later. As Teen Mom OG fans may recall, Portwood first met Glennon as she filmed Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition with her former fiancé Matt Baier.

Although Glennon did not appear on the show, he enjoyed getting to know Portwood behind the scenes as he worked, and after filming wrapped, he and Portwood struck up a romance. While Portwood was on set to mend her relationship with Baier while filming the show, she and Baier ultimately went their separate ways.

Amber Portwood Is Defended Herself As A Mom On Twitter

Around the time she shared her latest baby bump photo on Instagram, Portwood appeared on Twitter where she fired back at the ongoing speculation she's been getting as a result of the time she spent away from her daughter Leah, 9, in 2017.

“Some of you have so much to say about me but nothing to back it up! I’m an AMAZING mother who sacrificed my freedom to be sober for my daughter and family. None of you could make the decision I made to be incarcerated for a 5-year sentence just to be sober for my child!!” she tweeted on Wednesday.

Amber Portwood Served Time Behind Bars

Portwood opted out of a drug rehabilitation program in 2012 and chose to instead embark on a five-year prison sentence. Luckily, the reality star wasn't forced to stay behind bars for all five years and was ultimately released after just 17 months in November 2013.

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