Taylor Swift Stalker Who Showed Up At Her Home With Knife, Rope, And Bullets Gets Arrested

Taylor Swift's stalkers are becoming more dangerous than ever. The latest one to come to her house brought a knife, ammunition, and rope.

Swift's Beverly Hills home has been frequented by a lot of obsessed fans, and Julius Sandrock, a 38-year-old, traveled miles just to reach the pop star's house. Good thing authorities' attention was called after a suspicious person was noticed in front of the singer's abode.

Investigation showed that Sandrock's car contained gloves, masks, and a black rope, among many other things. He is from Broomfield, Colorado, where he was already charged with crimes, including one from a 2017 incident for reckless use of weapon. Responding authorities said they found enough reason to arrest the man for felony stalking.

Sandrock claimed he is suffering from numerous mental health problems, including bipolar disorder, depression, and OCD. The Beverly Hills Police Department's request of a temporary firearms restraining order against Swift's stalker was granted.

Fortunately, the 28-year-old "Bad Blood" singer was not at her house during the time of the incident. Sandrock said he went there to meet his idol. But police found him about to break in Swift's mansion wearing gloves and mask, which was a creepy way to meet with the singer, if that's the only thing he wanted.

"[O]fficers also found prescription medications (metazalone-800mg; oxycodone, fluoxetine - 40mg) and psychologist paperwork," court documents said.

Past Stalkers

This news came just a week after Justin Lilly trespassed in the "Look What You Made Me Do" singer's house and got arrested. He was sentenced to three days behind bars and three years on probation. Reports say that the man was shouting Swift's name as he tried to scale a wall and refused to get down after being ordered by the singer's guards.

As a result, police officers were called on the residence, and Lilly got arrested. Luckily, Swift wasn't home at the time. Prior to this, an odd story surfaced after a man, who has a huge crush on the Grammy Award winner, claimed he robbed a bank to impress the lady of his dreams.

After his bank robbery, he drove to Swift's house and threw the money he got over the fence, hoping he would win the songstress' heart. These events are not uncommon for the singer, whose house had been touted as a historic landmark.

Swift bought the house for $25 million in 2015. Since then, she had to put up 7-foot walls, but it seemed she needs to add security measures.

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