William H. Macy may play a questionable father figure in Shameless, but in real life, he's the type to well up during a father-daughter dance.

Dancing With His Daughter

Macy's wife, Felicity Huffman, shared a sweet photo of the actor dancing with his daughter, who was trying on a beautiful strapless dress for prom.

While the couple's daughter isn't seen in the photo, the actor's loving expression is visible as he danced with his arms around her. Macy, 68, even tears up during the touching moment, Us Weekly notes.

Macy and Huffman, 55, have two daughters Sofia, 17, and Georgia, 16.

Macy, Huffman Romance

Couples in Hollywood seldom go the distance, but Macy and Huffman have been married for more than 20 years.

The two-time Emmy winner doesn't take their longevity for granted.

"I don't look at it as an achievement, I look at it as a lifesaver," Macy tells Us Weekly in another interview. "I'm the luckiest guy, I won the lottery. I love being married to Felicity. I love being married, I really like it."

He adds that there have been times when he screwed up, but that there's no secret to their marriage other than getting lucky with his wife.

The Desperate Housewives actress is similarly grateful for their two decades together, seconding Macy's sentiment about simply being fortunate.

"I lucked out, I married Bill Macy ... I don't know how you make marriage work, I just got lucky," Huffman admits.


Both Macy and Huffman star in the actor's directorial effort Krystal. The film also features Nick Robinson (Love, Simon), Rosario Dawson (Rent), Jacob Latimore (The Chi), and Grant Gustin (The Flash).

The comedy-drama is about an 18-year-old Taylor Ogburn, played by Robinson, who suffers from a heart condition. He falls in love with Dawson's Krystal, a former hooker and junkie, and pretends to be in AA to get closer to her. Macy and Huffman play Taylor's parents.

While the movie boasts an impressive cast of proven veterans and fresh talents, it fell short of being a great movie, according to many critics.

A review from Los Angeles Times describes it as "too forced, chaotic and randomly eccentric," while Hollywood Reporter calls the film "a criminal waste of acting talent" considering the caliber of actors and actresses it has on board.