Kathy Griffin Is Retracting Her Apology For Photo Of Trump's Decapitated Head

Kathy Griffin may have come under fire for her controversial photoshoot last year when she held an image of Donald Trump's bloodied head, but she had since apologized for that. Now, she is taking her words back.

The 57-year-old comedian is retracting her apology, which she aired following the backlash she received and the public uproar caused by her photoshoot with photographer Tyler Shields. The photos showed the woman holding Trump's decapitated head.

Griffin apologized for her actions after receiving a lot of mean comments, though people did not necessarily take her apology ample for her deed. But on Monday, during her guest stint at The View, the Pulp Fiction star seemed more than ready to face the music after she retracted her apology for the photos.

"By the way, I'm taking the apology back. F**k him," Griffin exclaimed without batting an eye.

She also didn't hold back when she targeted some members of the Trump family, referring to Don Jr. and Eric as "Eddie Munster and date rape." Furthermore, Griffin revealed that she regretted saying sorry to the man in the White House, because that just made her a "part of the Trump wood chipper."

"This president is different and I have been through the mill and so now I'm back on the road," Griffin stated.

She explained that her intention of the controversial Trump's severed head photos was to reveal how misogynist the president is. Griffin narrated how the apology came, saying that it was prompted by The Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl's mom. He was beheaded by terrorists in Pakistan.

But now, Griffin took a different tone and even stressed that she hadn't gone too far, citing Trump's policies, which also gained mixed reactions from citizens. The news about her remorse over saying sorry to the president came after Michelle Wolf's performance at the White House that earned the ire of many people.

Effect On Career

Griffin's viral bloodied Trump's head photos caused quite a stir in the career of the comedian. On the heels of photos, she lost stints, including the time she was fired by CNN for a supposed New Year's Eve Special with Anderson Cooper.

Last year, Griffin issued her apology via a video. In the clip, she admitted that the gory photos were "disturbing" and that she understood why people have been offended by these. She also said that she crossed the line. Trump's son, Don Jr., was appalled and described the images as "disgusting."

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