Chris Brown Faces Lawsuit From Woman Who Claims She Was Raped At The Rapper's House

Chris Brown is being sued after an anonymous woman said she was raped by his friend during a party at his house in February last year.

A Jane Doe came out with some harrowing allegations, and a name that surfaced was Brown. While she didn't claim that the singer raped her, the incident allegedly happened at the 29-year-old's Los Angeles home where he reportedly had a drug-fuelled party.

The case was filed against Brown and the alleged rapist, his friend Lowell Grissom Jr., on Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court. The woman, represented by lawyer Gloria Allred, claimed she and a friend were invited to a music studio by the rapper with the stage name Young Lo and EverybodyKnowsLo for an after-party.

There, their cellphones were held by Grissom who refused to give it back to them. The only way to get their phones was if they would follow the rapper to Brown's house, and so, just to get their cellphones, they went to the "Loyal" hitmaker's abode, where she was later raped.

The party at the Grammy Award winner's house was filled with drugs and liquor, and the woman claimed that guests were even offered some pill with white powder, saying she needs to take for a "good time." However, the woman refused to take Brown's provided pill.

But that was just the start of such a terrible night. The woman was taken by Grissom to a bedroom because he said it was where they could use their phone. In the room, her friend, Brown, and another woman only identified as Doe X were there, and the latter asked the plaintiff and her friend to strip down and have sex with the acclaimed singer and the music producer.

Other women also entered the room and that was when Brown allegedly made Grissom push a couch against the door, making it impossible for the plaintiff and her friend to leave the room. In what started to look like an orgy session, the women began taking their clothes off while the "With You" singer played pornographic videos "to create a hyper-sexualized environment in the sealed bedroom."

The accuser said she made it clear that she didn't want any of that and even said her desire to leave but Doe X allegedly grabbed her and forced her to give oral sex on her, even though the Doe X was menstruating. All the while, half of the victim's body was being molested by Grissom.


With her face full of blood, the woman took a shower. While that may already be shocking, things were taken to another level as Grissom followed her to the bathroom. She immediately fled, but was not fast enough, as the rapper chased her and raped her.

The second time Grissom raped her was at Brown's laundry room, after the producer promised her of returning her phone. The cell phone was returned, which she used to book a ride.

Allred said that her client's intention of coming out is to warn other young women who could be sexually assaulted under such environment. Meanwhile, Grissom and Brown have no comments as of writing.

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