Idina Menzel Thinks 'Frozen 2' Is Better Than The First Film -- Here's Why

Even Queen Elsa's voice actress loved "Frozen 2" more than its predecessor.

"Frozen 2" ended its journey into the unknown with a global record of over $1 billion sales, becoming Disney's sixth film to reach the point this year. It grabbed its first record after earning a $124 million box office record for Thanksgiving, surpassing the $110 million sales of the "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" in 2013.

In addition, it also nabbed the title for being the biggest non-opening weekend for an animated film in Thanksgiving, kicking "Incredibles 2" ($80 million) and "The Lion King" ($77 million) out of the top.

With these figures and awards alone, it is no surprise that Queen Elsa's voice , Idina Menzel, became a fan of it as well.

What Menzel Thought

In her recent interview on Billboard's "Pop Shop Podcast," the 48-year-old actress claimed a big revelation about "Frozen 2."

According to Menzel, she thought that "Frozen 2" is way better than the first "Frozen" flick.

The new film has been much talked about even before its release, especially after Menzel revealed on HuffPost U.S that she was excited when she found out that people were talking about the possibility of her character being gay.

Menzel also opened up that she likes the latest film's song "Into The Unknown" compared to the hit song "Let It Go." Although she loved the 2013 song, Menzel explained that "Into The Unknown" gave her goosebumps when she recorded it.

"But I actually really enjoy - except for the high note that's going to give me problems on a day where I have a cold - I've loved singing [Into the Unknown]," Menzel stated before remembering every line and rhythm of it.

Though she had a hard time when she sang it in public, she still found the song really worth singing.

More Records "Frozen 2" Broke - And About To Break

"Frozen 2" directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck proudly announced that both the film and its soundtrack "Into The Unknown" have received Golden Globe nods.

"We've been on this ride since the film opened; we're still spinning from traveling the world, but [the Globes nomination] is something we'll cherish. We're thinking of the crew and how hard they work," Jennifer said.

"Into The Unknown" successfully hit the top spot on Billboard, while the movie itself landed on 10 Annies.

Buck recognized the efforts of Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who also wrote the first film's song "Let It Go." The director acknowledged that "Into The Unknown" played one of the biggest parts in the movie.

"Into the Unknown' is such a great, great powerful song in a slew of powerful songs. We said it's like the second act of a musical and the songs [like the characters] have grown and matured," Buck said.

Despite all these awards and recognitions, Lee just laughed off the question about the possible third part of the film and just said "not today."

Earlier this year, Lee disclosed with HollywoodLife that she does not want to do another "Frozen" movie just for the sake of making money since most films flop when they set it as their motivation.

Lee added: "We went into the unknown ourselves, and I'm glad we did, but it was so much harder to do 2 than it was to do 1. I can only imagine what 3 would be, how much harder that would be."

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