Justin Timberlake Regrets PDA Scandal? Might Take THIS To Win Jessica Biel Over

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is trying his best to win back the trust of Jessica Biel after his cheating scandal. According to reports, the singer-actor is now considering being a "stay-at-home" dad to earn his wife's complete trust again. 

RadarOnline exclusively learned that Jessica Biel, 37, has asked her famous husband to spend more time at home. Following the PDA scandal he was involved in with his leading lady Alicia Wainwright in November, Jessica reportedly asked the actor to be with their son Silas more.

An exclusive source of RadarOnline said that Justin might not be able to take on his two-week golf trips with his buddies anytime in the near future. The singer is trying to prove to his wife that she could still trust him despite the incident that happened in a bar in New Orleans, which could mean giving up some of the freedom he has enjoyed in the past years.

Keeping The Home

Perhaps the problem is not really just the scandal that shook their marriage. The real issue is the fact that Justin spends a lot of time on the road -- sometimes for work, sometimes for pleasure -- while Jessica is left in their home in Beverly Hills to take care of their son and keep the home. 

The source continued to share that Jessica would go along with what Justin wanted to do because he is the breadwinner of the family.

"He earns ten times more than she does, that's why she let him be whenever he asks for some time off to go on a getaway with friends," the source added. 

However, it seems that the scandal has pushed Biel a bit too hard that she is finally ready to let her voice be heard. She is demanding some changes as the scandal opened her eyes to the reality that anything can happen while on the road.

With so much freedom and trust given to Justin, there is no doubt how much the scandal hurt Biel. 

The source added that if Justin ever needs to go out of town for work or pleasure, he will have to find a way to bring with him the entire family.

The PDA Scandal

When Justin Timberlake was seen getting cozy with "Palmer" co-actor Alicia Wainwright, everyone knew what would come out of it. Although the two have already clarified that there was nothing going on between them and the touching happened because they had too much to drink, Jessica Biel was not going to let him off the hook that easy. 

Timberlake issued a public apology to his wife and his son for what he considered as a "strong lapse in judgment." In fact, he even extended an invitation to Jessica to come to the set of "Palmer" to see for herself that there was nothing going on. 

Biel, nonetheless, seems to be taking revenge to his nhusband for the cheating.

In a previous report published by RadarOnline, Biel said she was "healthy flirting" with other men and it got Timberlake worried. It had caused him to call her more often to say sweet nothings, a source told Radar. 

Will Justin ever become a stay-at-home dad? Perhaps it is time to reconsider his options and spend more time with people that matter the most. 

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