Jamie Foxx Reveals His 'Perfect Date' -- And It's Hilarious!

Jamie Foxx ended his last relationship in 2019. Now, he is open to go out and date again. However, his ideal date changed into something hilarious.

Jamie used to have a very low-key relationship with his former partner Katie Holmes until they broke up last year.

Now that the "Just Mercy" actor is free and single -- though there are rumors that he is dating Sela Vave -- he jokingly revealed on the national TV what a perfect date looks like to him.

Jamie's Ideal Date

On Jan. 16, he dropped by "The Ellen DeGeneres" show where he reserved his time to play the game "Burning Questions."

Ellen asked the 52-year old star, "What's your perfect date?"

The "White House Down" actor made the audience almost fell off their seats for too much laughter after he told the host that his perfect date is "reading scriptures."

"Trying to get closer to the Lord," he went on before he prepared his vocal cords to sing, "Hallelujah, Lord Jesus. Trying to be saved tonight. Will you save me, Lord Jesus?"

Of course, the actor only wanted to save himself from getting into more trouble. However, his ideal date seemed to have finally happened as he welcomed 2020.

The Real Perfect Date -- With The Perfect Person?

Kidding aside, Jamie has seemingly revealed the date that he wants even before he appeared in the interview with Ellen.

A perfect way to hit his goal and to celebrate New Year at the same time involved a woman and a yacht, and fans spotted Jamie spending the first day of the year in one of Miami's beaches together with his friends and 21-year-old aspiring singer (and his rumored girlfriend) Sela Vave.

Though he appeared to get more comfortable now in going out with Sela, the comedian and producer claimed that he is just her mentor, and they only got closer in August 2019 after his official split with Katie.

Jamie also clarified that he was just being a gentleman after they got photographed holding hands as they left a nightclub a few days after his break-up with Katie.

In Aug. 21, Foxx tried to put the fire out through an Instagram live video and said "I'm escorting her to my car, to put her in the car - my artist, who hangs out with my kids, who's as young as my daughter."

Jamie continued to claim that his relationship with Sela is purely professional and platonic -- like what he had when he helped Ed Sheeran and Ne-Yo in their music careers -- and that he only wanted to introduce her as "the next Beyonce."

What Happened With Katie?

For six years, they kept their lives away from the camera until they stepped into the limelight together for the first time in 2018 during Clive Davis' Pre-Grammys Gala. It was followed by a Met Gala appearance the following year.

However, Jamie and Katie decided to part ways merely a few weeks after their red carpet appearance.

A source told Page Six that the pair ended everything in late May. The insider said that the two were scheduled to have vacation in Montauk but "Katie called two hours before he was supposed to get on a plane from LA to NYC and canceled. Jamie was reportedly "really upset. about it.

Whatever the reason behind their split was, it is a good thing that the two seem to be happy now even without each other.

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