Look Here: All The Outrageously Fake Things On Lori Laughlin's Daughter's USC Resume!

Lori Loughlin has been in hot water since the College Admissions Scandal came out. Although she has denied her involvement in court, federal prosecutors recently released a document that shows how the actress and her husband Mossimo Giannulli tried to manipulate their daughters' admission to the University of Southern California. 

The Resume Says It All

The resume released by the prosecutor's office claimed to illustrate how the couple tried to cheat so that their two daughters could be admitted to one of the best schools in the U.S. The shocking document that Radar Online was able to obtain was redacted so it does not clearly indicate if it was used for Olivia or her sister Bella. 

According to the document, one of the two was supposedly into competitive rowing with impressive credentials. However, the squealers of the scandal greatly emphasized that neither Bella or Olivia were into rowing or any sport for that matter. 

"Awareness, organization, direction and steering" -- the resume boasts of this set of skills in hopes that it will ensure the applicant's acceptance into the university

The document, dated November 2, 2017, also claimed that one of the Giannulli sisters has been competing in numerous competitions, including Boston's Head of Charles Regatta in 2017 as well as the San Diego Crew Classic. 

The allegedly fake resume included a complete student profile. The supposedly Giannulli resume claimed that one of the sisters was filling in the position of #3 in the boat while the other sister is currently active in the roster to fill in the #4 in the boat.

However, in truth, neither of the Giannulli girls have ever gone rowing before. 

The College Scam

Lori Loughlin and her fashion designer husband, among several others, have been accused of paying $500,000 to bribe the admitting officer to get their two daughters to USC. As previously reported, the couple are just two out of the 50 people who were indicted in the college admissions scam that included the "Desperate Housewives" star Felicity Huffman.

It was the largest college scam prosecuted by the U.S. Department of Justice. 

They were accused of offering William "Rick" Singer to make the special arrangement for their kids to be recruited to the universities they wish. In the case of the Giannulli sisters, their parents asked Singer to sign them up as part of the University's crew team despite their lack of knowledge and inability to actually row. 

The couple allegedly paid the money to make it seem as if their girls were talented members of a rowing crew. Both Loughlin, 55, and husband Giannulli, 56, were charged with conspiracy to commit fraud, honest services fraud, money laundering and federal programs bribery. The two pleaded not guilty for all charges. 

Popularity Before Scandal

Before the scandal dragged her name, Olivia Giannulli, 20, has made a name for herself. She has become a popular influencer who covered mainly beauty products.

However, since the news of the scandal came out, she has stopped making beauty videos until recently. However, her most recent post on YouTube has gained her negative criticism, considering the role she played in the College Admissions Scandal. 

Bella, on the other hand, has been trying to lay low since the scandal. 

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