LOOK! Gordon Ramsay Puts Drag Queens to Shame With THIS!

When someone mentions the name Gordon Ramsay, the first thing that comes to people's mind is a foul-mouthed chef. Add to that things like: always yelling at the kitchen; scary boss; a very hard to please kind of man; always angry; irritable; agitated; and someone who vomits all the food he does not cook.

This is how Gordon Ramsay appears in the public's eye. The celebrity chef is known for his short-temper inside the kitchen, he is very critical with the taste of the food, presentation, timeliness and cleanliness. He is not just a perfectionist -- he is the epitome of perfection inside the "Hell's Kitchen."

But despite his rude comments and dominant personality, people loved the 53-year-old chef for the way he transforms kitchen noobs to their very own "Master Chef."

With that kind of image in mind, one would not think that the harsh Gordon would be up for a makeover. However, in the latest episode of his reality show "Gordon Ramsay's 24 Hours To Hell and Back," the renowned chef did not just have a simple redo but a 360 transformation for the sake of the show's drama.

"24 Hours To Hell and Back" is a U.S-based television program which aims to help struggling restaurant owners to turn their businesses upside down through the help of the master chef himself.

At the beginning of each episode, Gordon goes undercover to visit the restaurant and have a dining experience like a regular customer. He asses the ambiance of the venue, test the patience of the crew, and tastes the food himself before surprising the owners and diners to reveal himself and his plans for the business.

For the show's sixth episode of the third season, Gordon transformed himself into an older woman and book-club member named Libby Lou.

As Libby Lou, the brusque chef was dressed in a printed dress and paired it with a yellow hat. He was in full makeup and a blonde wig as he mingled with other undercover ladies.

With Gordon's complete rich old but timid woman look, the chef basically put drag queens to shame. He was entirely unrecognizable, especially with her glossy pink lipstick! Hilarious!

Gordon and the rest of the members of the all-female book club visited the struggling Southern Kitchen located in Richmond, Virginia. Despite being in a prime location, the owners struggle to get customers in and make money.

Libby Lou stuck to her character as she read erotic novels while the group waited for their food to be served. After almost half an hour, it was time to put his chef self back on and criticize the menu.

"Look how dry that is?" a classic Gordon Ramsay commented.

"The pork chop has been fried so much it's well overcooked," he added.

The critical chef tried on the meals of her fellow book club members, but as usual, he was not pleased.

"That is awful; it tastes like cough medicine," he said. Despite the drag, he was still in his most Gordon Ramsay self.

After dining in, Gordon eventually revealed his identity, took off his wig, and surprised the owner for a total restaurant makeover that would change their lives.

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