Princess Diana Would Have Solve Prince Harry & William, Kate MIddleton & Meghan Markle Feuds

None of what is presently happening at the palace, especially how her two sons, Prince Harry and Prince William are reportedly warring, would be pleasing to the late Princess Diana. As such, if there are truly feuds between her two sons and between their wives, Princess Diana would be the one to solve these, had she been alive. 

For two decades, photographer Jayne Fincher has spent time with the royal family as if it's her own. In 1998, she published "Diana: Portrait of a Princess," which features several images of the late Princess Diana. According to her, she could still remember the time when Princess Diana was just dating Prince Charles, and she started taking pictures of her.

Since then, she would take more pictures of the family, including that of Prince William and Harry as they were growing up.

Therefore, it is only but natural that she became a family friend. She also knows things that others wouldn't of the family. 

As such, if there is anyone who can shed light on the possible feelings of Princess Diana had she been alive today, it will be her. For one, she believes wholeheartedly that the late princess would be sad to see how the boys grew wide apart and now are in a reported rift. It can be remembered that the Sun recently described the brothers' relationship has forever changed for the worse, after Megxit. 

"[She] would be heartbroken, particularly as the boys have gone through so much together, Fincher told Page Six.

If she's alive today, she won't be sitting idly by as the other royals it seems right now. instead, she would be making sure everyone starts to get along - Prince Harry and Prince William and perhaps, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle as well. 

[Diana] would be doing everything she could to try and solve it," Fincher explained. "She'd be doing everything to be the peacemaker. She'd be shaking the boy's heads together, saying, 'For goodness sake. What's going on here?' and I think she'd be trying to make peace between the girls, too."

She's not totally disregarding Prince Charles as someone who cares about the boys' relationship, though, given that he is the father. Even though he's silent and does not appear to be doing anything, the photographer believes that he must be hurting too by the two princes' strained relations. 

"Charles must be broken-hearted because he's extremely close to those boys. All through that period of grieving, they were close," she shared. "That must be very devastating for him."

What makes the rift all the more devastating is that the two were really close, growing up. They did everything together. Moreover, even though they were royals, they were normal boys who had a lot of energy and could not sit still. They were two very funny boys too. 

The photographer, however, agrees that the two brothers have their distinctive personalities, even if they were close to one another. What people see now in public is what they were growing up. Harry was the confident one, who was indifferent to all the media exposure. William was the quiet and shy one, who had his head down most of the time like Pricess Diana in the early days, and hating all the media and photographers' antics. 

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