Is Lori Loughlin serving time in prison, or will have a short vacation? 

Page Six reported that US District Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton approved the former "Fuller House" actress' request to serve her jail time at a "Satellite Camp" of the Federal Correctional Institution in Victorville, California. 

It is about a hundred miles northeast from her Bel-Air neighborhood in Los Angeles. The institution is medium-sized that houses around 300 women.

According to federal court documents filed on September 9, 2020, her lawyers requested she is "designated to a facility closest to her home in California." 

But with the approval of her transfer, Loughlin could be doing a ton of activities and personal growth with her two months in jail.

According to the inmate handbook, her prison has so many different ways to pass the time, including yoga, Pilates, career development classes, music lessons, etc. 

Loughlin also has a choice to learn something new, such as operating a forklift or becoming a certified dental assistant. 

The handbook reads, "Recreation programs are to provide gainful use of free time and to fulfill specific inmate's needs."

As per Pink Lady Prison Consultants, a group that prepares women for federal prison terms, have noted that the Victorville camp doesn't have cells like the traditional jail. 

Instead, they have open dormitories, two and four-person cubicles, and four-person rooms. 

Meanwhile, Lori Loughlin's husband, Mossimo Giannulli, has requested to serve his time at the Federal Correctional Institution in Lompoc, California. 

Though the amenities at his prison aren't so many to choose from, the fashion designer can keep himself busy with arts and crafts such as leatherwork, ceramics, painting, and crocheting. 

Depending on how much time Giannulli will be spending under lockdown, he can also have typing classes or lessons in computer literacy and foreign languages. He could also take parenting classes.

Inmates in this facility can bring watches, radio, MP3 players to make their jail time comfortable. 

Lori Loughlin is reportedly "losing sleep" over going to prison. 

She and her husband were sentenced to prison in August after paying $500,000 to have their daughters Isabella Rose, 21, and Olivia Jade, 20, to be falsely admitted to the University of Southern California as crew recruits.

Loughlin will be serving to months in prison, while Giannulli is sentenced to five months.

The couple will report to their respective prisons by November 19. 

While awaiting the verdict was awful for Loughlin, she is relieved but still terrified about going to prison. 

People Magazine's source revealed that Lori Loughlin is afraid of contracting the coronavirus, and these days, she has been trying to stay healthy as much as she can. She has also been taking supplements to boost her immune system. 

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli's daughters are said to be overwhelmed that their parents have agreed to plead guilty for their role in the college admissions scandal. 

The kids are said to be afraid for their mom, with an Us Weekly source saying, "Olivia and Bella were devastated when Lori and Mossimo told them they were pleading guilty."

"The girls have been spending a lot of time at their parents' house recently, and they are becoming much more of a tight-knit family."

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