Mariah Carey is known for her diva behavior, but there's only too much diva behavior one can take. 

The 50-year-old's demanding ways are reportedly driving her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, extremely crazy. 

Sources told Globe's December 7, 2020 issue that there are fears that the couple's relationship will not last unless the "Through the Rain" hitmaker changes her tune. 

They claim that Mariah Carey treats her 37-year-old toy boy "like an assistant" instead of a lover. 

Bryan is said to be so pissed off and exhausted because Mariah doesn't seem to understand the boundaries. 

"He's been so patient with Mariah, and he loves her, but she's wearing him out with her incessant orders," the source said.

Bryan has said to have been drawing up the songbird's schedules for online meet-and-greets, and she's also ordered Bryan to "do all her holiday shopping for her friends."

Not only that, but Mariah Carey has also ordered Bryan to be in charge of Christmas decorations, food preparations, and many more. 

Mariah, who has been married twice and both ending up in divorce, is also running hot-and-cold whether or not she's ready to tie the knot with Bryan. 

"She busts his chops over why he hasn't proposed yet, and then the next day says she doesn't want to get married."

The source further tattled that Mariah Carey is "the worst hypochondriac" Bryan has ever met. 

The mom-of-two is allegedly ranting or complaining about the simplest things and also wants her boyfriend to be there for her 24/7 to cater to her needs.

This is all while Bryan continues and tries to please her. 

But sources are already betting that they won't last long. 

"Unless she starts showing some respect, he'll leave." 

Recently, Bryan celebrated Mariah's memoir release with an extremely rare post saying, "You inspire me." 

In September, the choreographer wrote on his Instagram that he's happy for her and "so grateful to love and support you in all you do." 

And while Mariah Carey doesn't mention Bryan Tanaka in her biography, "The Meaning of Mariah Carey," she did touch on her previous marriages to Nick Cannon and Tommy Mottola. 

Meanwhile, there's no proof that Mariah Carey is an extreme diva to her boyfriend. So it's best to take Globe's report with a grain of salt. 

Bryan Tanaka
(Photo : IG bryantanaka)

Who is Bryan Tanaka?

Mariah Carey's current boyfriend is Bryan Tanaka, who is thirteen years her junior. 

He met the "We Belong Together" singer when he became her backup dancer. 

While Mariah Carey isn't the first celebrity to get into a relationship with someone from her crew, she's the only person who got her younger beau banned from a casino after giving him a lap dance. 

According to reports, that's what happened when she was still dating Australian billionaire James Packer. He got jealous of her connection with her backup dancing while their relationship was still going. 

Though it's unclear when Mariah and Bryan started dating officially, they have been spotted numerous times in the past. 

They reportedly got close when Mariah was healing her broken heart after her relationship with James ended. 

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