Katharine McPhee is certainly loving her baby bump and maternal glow. The pregnant actress generously posted a selfie that showed her her growing baby bump.

As she rocked a blue full-length coat in a snapshot she posted to Instagram on Wednesday, her baby bump takes centerstage. 


This is the first-ever photo that McPhee has shared to her fans ever since news broke out that her husband David Foster and her are expecting their first child together.

David Foster Proud Katharine McPhee Husband

Foster showed just how thankful he is of his wife for carrying their child. In this photo of McPhee, he wrote, "My most AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL GLOWING wife!"

Back in October, People confirmed the news of McPhee's pregnancy with David and shared how elated the couple is. The two reportedly had been talking about having kids already even before.

"Katharine and David are expecting their first child together and the couple is very excited. [They] discussed having kids early on and were on the same page," the source said. 

They did not confirm the Katharine McPhee pregnant reports then, even if there were pictures of McPhee's belly.

Katharine McPhee Pregnant and Happy  

As such, many of McPhee's followers are taking the present post as her main announcement of her pregnancy. Many have proceeded to congratulate her. 

Despite the age gap, it is apparent that the two are making it work, and are now expanding their family. The incoming bundle of joy is McPhee's first child, and the sixth for David Foster.  

Katherine McPhee pregnant is certainly happy.  It can be remembered that McPhee and Foster shared just how madly in love they are with each other last year.  

I've always just admired him and loved him, and he's always been so great to people around him," Katharine shared to Today, when asked about why she chose to be with the man she married in June. On the other hand, Foster claimed that their union is as "a natural coming together."  

McPhee and Foster Complicated Timeline 

Foster, already has five daughters -- 34-year-old Jordan, 38-year-old Erin, 39-year-old Sara, 46-year-old Amy and 50-year-old Allison. They are from different past relationships and they are almost all older than McPhee. 

McPhee and Foster tied the knot only back in June 2019. Both have come from earlier marriages. McPhee was once wed Nick Cokas. Their relationship lasted only between 2008 to 2016. On the other hand, McPhee is Foster's fifth wife. 

He was was previously married different famous personalities on their own. He got married B.J. Cook, Rebecca Dyer, Linda Thompson and Yolanda Hadid.

That said, despite all these factors, the two are making things work. Foster said their musical connection is simply the best thing they share.

When USA Today asked why he and McPhee are working out so well even with bashers and naysayers, he said that their musical connection is the glue of their relationship. 

"Well, we have that musical connection. Look, we have haters on social media and there's not a person around that's not going to make some comment about the age difference," he shared. "But there are so many things that can bring a marriage down: It can be financial, it can be children, it can be geography, it can be infidelity. And one of them is age difference, but that's our only problem. Everything else is in line, so it's not going to bring us down," he added.

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