Armie Hammer is trending for all the wrong reasons.

The actor's direct messages were said to have been leaked.

Armie Hammer then became the center of attention on Twitter and Instagram after a screenshot of the "Rebecca" actor admitted in a DM that talked about cannibalism and other topics.

Armie Hammer's leaked Instagram message seemed to have been taken from his account, which talked about graphic sex acts and cannibalism. The message said, "I am 100% a cannibal." The alleged DMs were later compiled and shared on several micro-blogging platforms. In some of the messages, Armie Hammer referred to his victims as "kittens" and even talked about his need to "drink" their blood.

Twitter user @tevinaugste said in a tweet, "Multiple victims of Armie Hammer came out saying he used his fame to manipulate me to have sex, calling em 'kitties' and drink their BLOOD. Now, what in Hannibal Lecter???"

In other alleged messages leaked on Twitter, Armie Hammer also spoke about BDSM and his intimate fantasies. One graphic message also mentioned how the "Call Me By Your Name" star feels like a "God" to watch his "kittens" "crying and screaming."

But this isn't the first time that the "Lone Ranger" star's social media activities have raised some eyebrows.

In 2017, Armie Hammer liked a bunch of tweets that talked about BDSM and bondage.

Cancel Armie Hammer?

Some people on Twitter and Instagram believe that Armie Hammer's leaked DMs were genuine, that they are calling for him to be canceled on the platforms.

One of his old tweets that surfaced was about a sensual massage after his physiotherapy session.

"When you hurt your body, sometimes the best medicine is just to have another human being rub their human body against your human body."

Twitter user @thematthewfrank quote-tweeted it and said, "Cancel Armie Hammer for this tweet alone, please."

Real or Fake?

unCrazed did some digging and found out that Armie Hammer, who has recently ended her marriage to wife of ten years Elizabeth Chambers, stories of being a cannibal and all other claims are all made up by one social media user.

In a screenshot posted in their article, one person behind the leaked messages came forward to another user, saying, "Ok, ok. I admit it. It's all fake."

According to the outlet's source, Armie Hammer barely manages his own Instagram account and for him to risk his career to admit he's something like that only proves that it's all made up.

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