"Bachelorette" stars Dale Moss and Clare Crawley ended their short-lived engagement, but the reason behind their decision is not because of a rumored infidelity.

Only a few months after their engagement, Dale and Clare mutually agreed to end their relationship.

While they made it clear that their lifestyle differences were the reason behind the breakup, multiple news outlets recently claimed that Moss' cheating was a big part of the breakup.

According to speculations, Dale was spotted with another woman in New York City. However, a source close to the former NFL player revealed to ET that the cheating allegations are not true.

"The 'girl' they have in question of him 'cheating' with is a longtime friend of his. She is a real estate broker and has been helping him find a new apartment for him and Clare in NYC," the source added.

The source also emphasized that Dale never cheated on Clare and remained faithful throughout their relationship.

It is worth noting, though, that he was the first one to publicize the news on Instagram.

Clare Crawley, Dale Moss Engaged No More

Following Dale's official breakup announcement, another source revealed what Clare really feels about about the split.

Per PEOPLE, a source disclosed that the former "Bachelorette" feels "blindsided" after what happened.

"She genuinely thought they could make things work and after everything she's been through, she can't believe she's in this place again," the insider said.

Clare is also said to be undergoing painful and emotional days.

What made their split worse was the fact that the 39-year-old TV personality only learned about the announcement after Dale posted it.

She said in a lengthy Instagram post, "I was made aware of a 'mutual' statement at the same time you all were, so I've needed some time to really digest this."

Despite her broken heart, she made it clear that her intentions with the relationship have always been clear. Thus, what happened truly crushed her.

In the same Instagram post, the "Bachelorette" beauty said that she invested everything in the ex-NFL player.

Last year, she noted that she battled with severe anxiety while balancing everything with her new relationship. Unfortunately, these things happened all at once while slowly losing her mother.

"I may not have all the answers, but I do know this - I will continue to show up, stand by my word, and be committed to love," she went on.

There is no assurance if they will be back together, ut their friends believe that the split is only temporary.

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