Fans of Jeremy Renner immediately checked on the actor as the hashtag #RIPJeremyRenner continues to trend on Twitter.

Since the early morning of Tuesday, Twitter has been bombarded with tweets about Renner's alleged death. Several Twitter users put the trend to the top even more by tweeting more hashtags.

However, it turns out that the "Hawkeye" actor is still alive. Unfortunately, the trend bloomed as a movement against him began to emerge.

 Why #RIPJeremyRenner is Trending

The movement began as Renner became the latest MCU star to be the subject of criticisms.

One Twitter user said, "#ripjeremyrenner I suggest you all take a look at this before randomly assuming all the things he apparently did are true, crazy how the world always jump to the defence of one instead of hearing both sides of the story first."

The same person posted a screenshot of an article from TMZ, detailing Renner's abusive past.

"Finding out Renner isn't actually dead literally ruined my day #ripjeremyrenner," another one added.

Another one even tagged Renner's official Twitter account and wrote, "Hey. You still alive? #ripjeremyrenner is trending, so figured I would check."

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Several controversial elements about his past are being brought up again, especially the things related to his ex-wife, Sonni Pacheco.

They filed for divorce in 2014 after 10 months of marriage. They cited that the reason behind their split was due to irreconcilable differences.

However, a few years later, Pacheco dropped damaging claims about the 50-year-old actor, and the headaches do not stop since then.

What Makes Jeremy Renner Controversial

In 2019, Pacheco filed court documents where she revealed several abuse instances she experienced. She added that these events were alcohol and drug-induced.

According to the Canadian actress, someone overheard Renner talking with someone in a club about killing her. The person disclosed that Renner said he cannot deal with her anymore and that he wanted her to be gone.

Their daughter's nanny became one of the witnesses of the abuse claims. According to the helper, Renner told his ex-wife that he would kill her then himself afterward.

He allegedly put a gun in his mouth while threatening Pacheco before firing the gun into the ceiling which scared their young daughter.

Renner, through a representative, has since denied the allegations

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